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July 2023 - Google Analytics 4

How to Exclude I.P Addresses Using Google Analytics 4

By excluding your IP address, you ensure that your own visits, visits from your web developer and other interactions with your website are not included in your Google Analytics data...

July 2023 - Google Ads

Is PPC Worth the Investment?

PPC is a digital advertising model where businesses pay search engine per individual click received in a bid to bring visitors to their website. The end goal with platforms like Google Ads and...

July 2023 - Google Ads

How Do Negative Keywords Improve Your Google Ads Campaign Performance?

Negative keywords offer control over user searches where your business does not want to show up for specific phrases. Common negative keywords include phrases such as "how to"...

July 2023 - Website Optimisation

How Slow Websites Kill Businesses

While many agencies opt to use CMS platforms such as WordPress, a common problem with these resource intensive systems is that they impact page speed without any real...

July 2023 - Website Optimisation

Your Contact Form Sucks (And How You Can Fix It)

A poorly designed or inefficient contact form can frustrate users, leading to missed business opportunities and potential security risks which can prove costly if...

July 2023 - Website Optimisation

5 Reasons Your Website Isn't Working For You

In our experience one of the most common factors preventing a website from performing to the best of its ability is page speed, second to page speed is an unlikely...