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Website Design Services with Flexible Pay-Monthly Options.

Seriously Digital offers performance-driven web design, redesign and Shopify development services - speak to our design specialists to find out if your website is up to scratch.

Our services have one goal in mind: the commercial success of your business through excellent web design. When you work with Seriously Digital on your web design project we'll put a timeline on the table, be upfront about costs and the work required to develop a digital front for your business that drives tangible, real-world growth. Our web design services offer:

  • Fantastic design across all devices
  • Super-fast loading speeds
  • Crash monitoring
  • Full overhaul of written text
  • Management of website text, images and uploads
  • Get accurate Analytics and conversion data set-up
  • Liase with your web hosting provider to handle technical issues
  • Optimise your website for Search Engines
  • Professional email set-up (This is charged separately)

Seriously Digital's strength is our ability to carry out technical website updates and provide your business with a list of critical issues that require actioning. We then work diligently to carry out these updates (with your say so) and show you what the results are. This process helps to ensure that your website offers the best possible experience to visitors, thus increasing the possibility that their interests turn into a valuable action. Our primary service areas are Cambridge, Suffolk, Norfolk and large portions of East Anglia.

Three Pillars of Successful Web Design

Seriously Digital can help your business make the right choice when it comes to your website - we design websites based on three fundamental design principles:

Mobile-Friendly Design

The key to creating a successful website is to ensure that it is accessible to all visitors. We create websites that offer a fantastic experience no matter the device used to visit. This means highly-used devices like smartphones will retain more visitors and give you a better chance at generating new sales, enquiries and phone calls. This, in addition to our 10+ years of technical experience means we are able to quickly fix broken contact forms, set up reliable email addresses and optimise page layouts to ensure your visitors get the best possible experience.

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By providing search optimisations (SEO) as standard with our website design packages, you can expect to see a noticeable increase in your website's traffic as a result. From performing on-page optimisations to submitting your new site changes to Google's Search Console, we'll show you how the work we carry out fuels the real-world growth of your business.

As part of our SEO process, we'll also carry out page speed optimisations on your site. Users and visitors abandon web pages which have load times higher than three seconds as they become increasingly accustomed to fibre-optic broadband speeds. It's crucial to have a website with well-optimised code that loads quickly to get new visitors through the door without delay.

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Ready for Search Engines & Ads

Your website should have well written, informative content that helps to direct users towards key website goals. By removing pesky spelling errors and creating website content that sells the strength of your services you'll begin to see more engagement with your brand and a higher chance of visitors filling out your enquiry or sales forms.

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Seriously Digital's team deliver web design and marketing excellence to clients throughout Bedfordshire, Cambridge, Hertfordshire, Essex, Norfolk, Peterborough and Suffolk.

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