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Enhance Your Online Visibility with Our Pay-Monthly SEO Services. Celebrating 10+ Years of SEO Success. Find Out How We Can Help You Get Found More Easily on Search Engines.

Not fully satisfied with your current SEO efforts? Seriously Digital delivers tangible results that deliver quality visitors, enquiries and sales through highly-effective technical SEO.

Our pay-monthly SEO management service aims to help your business rank for search terms that are realistic and achieveable. We target keywords using first-hand data from Google Search Console and then apply our technical SEO skill set to help your business show up when customers carry out searches relevant to your business.

By identifying keywords that your business can rank for we're able to better spend our time enhancing your search visiblity on search engines like Google and Bing. Focusing on targeting realistic keywords means we'll work to bring up your overall keyword visibility. In the background, we'll also work to ensure that your website's SEO passes technical criteria needed to display your pages for keywords relevant to your business. We then aim to further improve your presence on a local level by leveraging customer reviews and local SEO strategies to ensure you've got the traffic needed to expand your operations. Our pay-monthly service includes:

  • Google Search Console management
  • Keyword Targeting
  • Technical & Local SEO
  • Ongoing Monthly Management of your SEO
  • Google Analytics Installation
  • Monthly or Quarterly Reports

Seriously Digital's industry-leading experience can help establish your business as an authority within your niche as part of this service. Our goal is to drive high-intent users straight to your website to call, purchase, download or contact you to help your business thrive in a highly competitive online environment. Our commitment to building strong, long-term partnerships based on trust and delivering measurable results is how we're able to form partnerships with so many clients.

Our SEO Process

Our comprehensive onboarding process ensures that we understand all the important details about your services and products, which is critical when optimizing your SEO.

Efficient Onboarding

One of the first steps we take is to gather as much information about your business as possible via an onboarding questionnaire; this gives us key insights into your business as well as ideas for revised written content.

In our experience, clients we work with often have their website created in a way that's easy for them to understand. This, however, doesn't always translate well for customers. Having text that you can understand yourself is great for you as a business owner but often means your website visitors can be left feeling confused by technical language.

Seriously Digital can help you optimise written text to better reflect your services and products - the result is typically a nice boost to your website's conversion rate.

Agree On Advertising Goals & Sign Your Advertising Agreement

Once we've identified and fixed critical SEO errors, we begin optimizing your keywords based on Google Search Console data. This initial optimization helps us establish a baseline of traffic and average keyword positioning, allowing you to see the effectiveness of our ongoing SEO work for your business.

You sign an agreement with us to have your SEO managed each month which outlines what you will pay us per month along with any success thresholds which incentivise us to continually make improvements to your search visibility. This can be in the form of traffic numbers or the total number of enquiries received.

Send Out Access Request Documents

Once we've collected information about your business we then request access to important logins like Google Analytics and Google Search Console.

We collect these logins via an additional document or as part of a Zoom or Teams call to prevent excessive back and forth emails in the future; this way we can get started as soon as you get the information over to us.

Begin The Optimisation Of Your Website's SEO

Armed with the information provided in your onboarding questionnaire and access request documents, we'll begin carrying out optimisations to your website.

We'll ensure that organic traffic is tracked correctly along with any key actions you would like to see each month. This information is then presented to you at the end of the month in an easy to read report.

Ongoing Monthly Management & Reporting

As we move forward together, we'll make continual improvements to your SEO and gather more data to discover how your website is being used via Google Analytics and Hotjar.

With this information, we'll fix any glaring issues and further optimise your website and keywords to ensure you're getting the healthiest return for your investment.

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