Seriously Digital's Ongoing Commitment To The GDPR

Seriously Digital - The Serious GDPR

Awareness Of GDPR

We are resolute in our intention of protecting user data as your trust in our services and ability to keep your data safe when using our website is paramount to the success of our business. The primary impact of the new GDPR laws will change the way we collect, store and process user data.

Information Held By Seriously Digital

When using a Seriously Digital contact form, emailing us or calling us, we may collect the following articles of information:

  • Your First Name, Surname or Name In Full: When you use our contact forms, we'll collect your first name, surname or full name to respond to your request in the email that gets sent to Seriously Digital. This email gets sent to the address
  • Your Email Address: When you use our contact forms, we'll collect your contact email address to respond to your website enquiry via the email provided. This email gets sent to the address
  • Your Contact Telephone Number: When you use our contact forms, we'll collect your contact telephone number to respond to your website enquiry via the phone number provided. This email gets sent to the address
  • Your Email Message/Request/Enquiry: When you use our contact forms, we'll collect your email enquiry in a plain text format. The information you provide enables us to understand your request and allows us to respond to your website enquiry via the email you sent to us. This email gets sent to the address
  • Documenting Your Enquiry: When you use our contact forms to contact us, we'll make a note of the enquiry method you used to contact us. These contact methods include contact form enquiry, direct email enquiry or if you call us directly, we'll note that this was the first point of contact you made with us. This information will not get shared with anybody outside of Seriously Digital.
  • Keeping Your Records Up To Date: Every year we will send you an email or phone you asking you to update your contact details, so we have up to date records to ensure you do not miss correspondence or necessary updates from us.

Communicating Privacy Information

Our privacy policy has been updated, and we've added a 'GDPR' section to the privacy policy linking to this page to inform visitors and active clients of the steps we are taking to stay compliant with new GDPR laws. When contact Seriously Digital we will contact you using the email address with the main person of contact being Daniel Hilsden. If you're switching digital service providers, we may need to ask for additional information to help us understand your business, goals and services. This information includes (but is not limited to):

  • Who The Data Controller Is: The current data holder for information collected via the Seriously Digital website is Daniel Hilsden.
  • The Purpose or Purposes For Which The Information Will Be Processed; And: When providing Seriously Digital with information, we will use this information to log in to your advertising, analytics, social media, website and local listing accounts to make optimisations to improve the volume of traffic and conversions coming through your site each month. We will use this information to create reports to help keep you informed as a business owner.
  • Any Further Information Which Is Necessary In The Specific Circumstances To Enable The Processing To Be Fair: If Seriously Digital requires additional information to improve the effectiveness of your website, digital advertising, social media or local search listings we will highlight what we need the information for and the potential benefits it will have for your business.

Individual's Rights

We are reviewing our procedures to ensure they cover all the rights you have as an individual when interacting with Seriously Digital (as a paying client or as a prospective visitor). Our review of existing procedures includes how we delete personal data, how we provide data electronically and in other commonly used formats (e.g. Microsoft Word or Google Docs).

  • The Right To Be Informed: As an individual or business, you have a right to be informed as to how Seriously Digital uses your data, what we use it for and what your rights are with regards to accessing or changing this information.
  • The Right Of Access: Should you ever wish to access your information Seriously Digital, we will provide you with full documentation of all information we hold on record (with your consent) within one working month.
  • The Right To Rectification: Should you ever need to change or update your details, you need to contact us and request to access your existing records and provide us with updated information (which you must give full consent for).
  • The Right To Erasure: If you need us to delete certain pieces of information or all of your data held by us, we will do so with your express consent within one working month.
  • The Right To Restrict Processing: You also have the right to restrict the amount and type of data we process on your behalf. Should you wish to limit certain pieces of information from being processed, please contact our designated privacy officer. Please note that choosing to restrict some aspects of information and data processing may impact our ability to provide you with the best possible service.
  • The Right To Data Portability: Since Seriously Digital does not use any automated means for processing data, we do not believe we need to adjust any changes here. Our commonly used documentation of personal information of clients gets collected via a private Google Document or Microsoft Word document.
  • The Right To Object; And:
  • The Right Not To Be Subject To Automated Decision-making Including Profiling: Seriously Digital will always notify you and ask for your consent when we need to use the personally identifiable information to register your business for marketing, social media or other services to carry out optimisations on your website. We will never do this without your consent, and we will never profile you or your business to create segmented marketing groups.

Subject Access Requests

Seriously Digital will comply with all information access requests from clients, people who have emailed us or those wishing to use our services in the future.

  • Submitting A Request To Access Your Information: To submit a request, please contact our nominated data protection officer using the following email address:
  • Charges/Fees Associated: Seriously Digital does NOT charge you when you request to access your information, and we believe you should be able to access your data for free whenever you like.
  • How Long Should This Process Take? Seriously Digital will respond to your request within one working month and provide you with all of the information you requested FREE of charge.
  • Unfounded/Excessive Access Requests: Seriously Digital can choose to refuse or charge for data access requests that we deem to be unfounded or excessive.
  • Refusing A Request: If Seriously Digital chooses to refuse an access request, we will notify you as to why and provide you with information on how to complain to a supervisory body (and to a judicial remedy) if you believe that we have declined your request unfairly. Your request will get handled within one working month of the date we receive your request.

Lawful Basis For Processing Personal Data

Seriously Digital will need to collect and use personal information with regards to your business, advertising accounts, social media and analytical platforms (like Hotjar and Google Analytics) to optimise your website for search engines like Google and Bing. You can read about what information we may ask for in our privacy policy under the section entitled: Information Seriously Digital Collects To Provide Your Business With Digital Marketing Services.


Seriously Digital will take steps to improve how we collect user consent on our website. Our contact forms will eventually contain a line of text which reads 'By using this contact form you give your consent for Seriously Digital to contact you using the details provided.' When you contact us is to provide the user with a response to their enquiry and will not be used or added to any marketing lists. We will never automatically opt user enquiries into mailing lists, nor do we currently do this in our practices. In the future, should we start marketing practices that require your consent to opt in we will ensure we operate using an unchecked box and consent notification to gather users express permission to ensure that there is no confusion as being clear and transparent is essential to us. When we carry out work for clients, we now provide them with a privacy and rights document explaining the information we collect, their rights and how they can go about changing, updating or having their information removed from our systems.


Seriously Digital does not currently offer services to children or minors. We have, however, made it our duty of care to research and kept ourselves informed regarding the practices of gaining consent when a user may be a young adult or child.

Data Breaches

If our records of your information are ever breached, Seriously Digital will notify you of any such breaches along with information regarding what steps we're taking to secure your data.

Data Protection by Design and Data Protection Impact Assessments

We will inform you of changes that may affect you when we deploy new technologies or software. Deploying new technology includes instances where we start using new marketing or analytics platforms to optimise your website's performance or where a profiling operation is likely to affect individuals significantly; or where there is processing on a large scale of the individual categories of your data.

Data Protection Officers

While Seriously Digital remains a small business, we still believe it necessary to keep our clients informed about their rights with regards to data we process on their behalf to carry out services. As such, we're designating a data protection officer.

  • Data Protection Officer: Daniel Hilsden
  • Data Protection Officer Email Address:


Seriously Digital does not currently operate outside of the UK. If a time comes where we expand our operations to an EU-state, we will seek out a lead data protection supervisory authority and provide documentation so you can find out which authority it is and how you can contact them. We will also make changes to the way we process data and ensure that you get informed as to how this process is carried out by the lead data protection supervisory authority we choose to elect.

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