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Our Consultation Services Provide Powerful Insights for Businesses with Concerns About Their Website or Ongoing Marketing Services

At Seriously Digital, we're here to help you with all things web design and digital marketing - which includes consultation services for businesses who are eager to see whether or not their investment into web design or marketing services has moved their business forwards by generating the type of returns needed to justify the initial investment.

We can give you an honest and well-informed breakdown of your SEO, Google Ads, Google Shopping and Web Design efforts, so you can get clearer insights into how effectively your monthly budget is being leveraged. Plus, we're always honest about what you've paid for and whether or not we feel like you're getting the best value for investments into ongoing marketing efforts or your web design.

Seriously Digital provides ongoing and one-off consultation services for businesses locally and nationally, which include:

  • Web Design Consultation
  • Google Ads Consultation
  • SEO Consultation
  • Google Shopping & Feed Consultation
  • Google Analytics Consultation & Insights
  • Digital Marketing Consultation

Our 10+ years of industry-leading expertise can help uncover powerful insights relating to your website or digital marketing efforts; we consult via Zoom, Teams and are also happy to schedule face-to-face meetings. In these meetings we work through any concerns you might have and then create a document to highlight the changes we recommend. This service ultimately helps unconver critical issues that may be preventing the growth of your business, and we'll be here to help you once we've discovered them.

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