Scalable, Pay-Monthly Digital Marketing Packages for Businesses in East Anglia

Digital Marketing Packages to Help Businesses Thrive

Highly-Effective Digital Marketing Packages

If you feel like you're being let down and not seeing results that your current agency has promised you, let Seriously Digital show you what opportunities are available for your business.

Our proactive approach and technical skillset allows us to resolve ongoing website errors that may be hindering your digital marketing efforts. Once we have worked to resolve any issues we then turn our attention to further optimising your digital marketing efforts to ensure your website offers the best possible experience for users who are ready to act. Our packages include:

  • Pay-monthly Google Ads
  • Pay-monthly Google Shopping
  • Pay-monthly SEO
  • Pay-monthly Google Ads & Shopping
  • Pay-monthly Google Ads & SEO
  • Pay-monthly, Google Ads, SEO & Shopping

Here at Seriously Digital we pride ourselves in our ability to offer cost-effective digital marketing packages that deliver results for your business. We work diligently to highlight critical website issues so that you can be aware of where you are falling short. Our service then works to resolve any ongoing issues so that website visitors have a far greater experience when they land on your website. We then manage your Google Ads and SEO to send valuable visitors straight to your website with a view of securing new business and sales.

Our proactive onboarding process and ongoing collection of feedback allows us to create content that works in tandem with your digital marketing efforts. We write content that showcases the strength of your business and product. We then show customer reviews on key pages to further convince users that your website is the go-to choice when compared to any alternatives.

Success Starts with Learning more about Your Business

Learning about your business using a tried and tested process enables us to hit the ground running with your advertising campaigns:

Getting To Know Your Business Via Our Onboarding Questionnaire

The first step we take is to request information about you, your business and the services you provide.

We then use this information to create Google Ad campaigns, optimise your SEO and push written content that aim to highlight the benefits of your business ahead of competitors - this convinces new customers that your business is the go-to choice for them.

Once they arrive on your website they'll have a stronger understanding of your services and products through the compelling content we write for you. The goal here is to convince the user that acting now is their best option and we back this up with Google and Trustpilot reviews.

Agree On Key Goals & Sign Your Advertising Agreement

Once we've agreed upon your goals with your digital marketing efforts we request that you sign our monthly advertising agreement - don't worry, this isn't a long-term tie-in! This is done as a formality to ensure you understand what you're paying for each month and to highlight what work Seriously Digital carries on your behalf. Work that happens outside of these agreed upon terms may incur additional charges.

Our agreement states that you're happy to have your campaigns managed by Seriously Digital each month and that you'll provide one month's notice should you ever wish to move on.

Send Out Access Request Documents

Once we've collected information about your business we then request access to important advertising services like Google Analytics, Google Business Profile Manager and Google Ads.

We collect these logins via an additional document to prevent needless back and forth in the future; this way we can get started as soon as you provide us with the information.

Optimising Your Website & Ads

Armed with the information provided in your onboarding questionnaire and access request documents, we'll begin carrying out optimisations to your website.

We'll set up conversion tracking for key website actions and ensure your Analytics data is clear of any data-pollutants - we also request regular verbal and written feedback about the quality of your enquiries to better help us manage your campaigns.

Ongoing Monthly Enhancements & Quarterly Catch Ups

The goal moving forwards is to collect direct feedback about sales and enquiries from you to ensure our digital advertising efforts are providing growth and value to your business - once your website is well-optimised we'll schedule a quarterly catch-up call via Zoom to ensure things are running smoothly.

By collecting regular feedback about your site's performance we'll aim to push new customers, sales and enquiries to your business each month so that your confident in your ability to scale.

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